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Crypto is an ecosystem of both luck and risks. Here, you can either earn a hefty amount or lose every thing in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, having digital money also makes you prone to fall for cybercrime. In case, you have experienced scam or theft of your crypto money, then you must act immediately. Stolen cryptocurrencies can be recovered through many ways including tracking the money, informing police, contacting bank, and more. If none of this work, you can also hire an expert for the recovery of your cryptocurrency. They will investigate and track your bitcoins belong to suspects to recover your digital money. 

What is cryptocurrency scam?

Cryptocurrencies are typically the high priority target of cybercriminals or fraudsters. In case, cybercriminals have access to your currency, they can directly target your wallet or hack the exchanges. In these uncertain situations, the person needs to take measures as soon as possible.

Hiring an expert for crypto scam recovery 

If you feel helpless and unable to recover your cryptocurrency on your own. You can seek help from an expert of Shield Forensics. You can hire a cryptocurrency recovery expert who will investigate and help you recover your funds. 

Our services

Funds recovery: Our expert at Shield Forensics handles every case involving hacking incidents, investment fraud, exit scam and more. Whether it is an exchange hack, fraudulent ICO or a bitcoin theft, we provide end-to-end services to ultimately recover your funds. 

Blockchain forensics: Our experts’ practices on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques to track bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies and ultimately recover them. 

Cybersecurity consulting: From solving your queries to providing cyber security training, our experts are there to help you out with every need. We provide effective training to blockchain companies, family offices, executives and other security-minded individuals and companies.

These were the insights into the expert help for recovering your cryptocurrency scams. To learn more about cryptocurrencies, visit, Home – Shield Forensics