Write Short Articles to Market Your Small Business Online – Part II


Have you realized online readers love useful information? The good news is you have useful information people are searching for. Sometimes, its information they already know; they just want it an easy concise manner to follow step by step. This is where your how-tos, problem/solution articles enter.

Focus on solving one problem or explaining one how-to in each article. Implement the following tips and you will be admitted to the winner’s circle of frequently published article writers:

6) Know your audience’s purpose and focus your article’s purpose just for them.

Author’s Tip: To make your copy even more attractive, personable and compelling. Choose a friend or family member to write instructions or how to just for them. Have this person in mind as you write.

7) Write a thesis and outline with 5-6 major points you want to illustrate before you write.

Compose your thesis before you write using 1-2 sentences. Then write with it nearby so that your article will always stay on track to answer the problem presented in your article.

8) Compose each paragraph of about 4 standard sentences (15-17 words.)

To power punch your copy, write 1-2 short sentences. One paragraph contains approximately 100 words.

10) Create 4-6 paragraphs from your outline.

Write compelling paragraphs that support your thesis, explain and give examples. Use action words and colorful nouns. Cut the passive voice. Your result will be copy that is easy to read because its focus is tight and active.

11) Review and self-edit your article.

To tighten and shorten your copy, shorten examples. Cut redundant sentences. Use bullets to clarify. Cut superfluous adjectives, adverbs, and words like “that”. Use active 1-2 syllable words for readable compelling copy.

Finally, include a short summary. Don’t leave your readers hanging. Write only a sentence or two to sum things up. Point out the benefits of your information. Use the Speedway Formula to article writing and publish faster so your prospects and clients will read them and buy from you.


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