Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Online Marketing?


Online marketing is the medium through which promoting the business becomes very easy. You can interact with the whole world sitting at the same place. So while doing business through internet customer satisfaction should be prioritized the most. If a business can successfully market their products and services online then it opens many new doors for snatching the potential buyers into their business.

The widely raised question in the market is ‘how to get business?’ Apart from the designing, presentation, content issues that are generally considered as important for getting business, the most important thing that is needed to be considered is where to place the website containing products and services so that it can gain the focus of a large public. This is the factor which can improve the business by bringing quality traffic.

Why SEO?

A very common question that generally arises while using the search engine optimization (SEO) services is what is the need to go for search engine optimization and not somewhere else? What is so special about SEO that it can bring more traffic than other paid search engines?

The satisfactory answer could be SEO is the medium through which maximum traffic visits the different website for online business. Ranking high in the search engine is important because generally people visit a website seeing the top ranked websites in the search engine result page. So, it is required to come on the top of the search engine result page by designing the website in a search engine friendly manner.

Check 5 Reasons for why SEO is better than Online Paid Marketing?

  • With paid online marketing, you will definitely receive heavy traffic at your website but as soon as you will stop making payments to the advertisers, the traffic volume will go down. Where as with SEO this would not be the case. SEO needs the payment for the setting up of the SEO campaign.
  • Visitors that are visiting your website through paid online marketing are costly. That means, for each visit the websites needs to pay, no matter whether the visitor is interested in your services or not. With SEO, once it is set up, you need not to pay for the visitors visiting your website.
  • If the website appears on both paid and unpaid search engine result page then you will notice that 80% of the traffic is coming from the unpaid free SEO link rather than coming from the paid link. Thus SEO holds a good traffic rate.
  • The initial setup cost for SEO campaign is also cheaper than the paid online marketing sites. Once you pay for the set up cost of SEO campaign then it will be almost equivalent of making a single payment in paid online marketing.
  • While following the click throughs, it has been observed that the click throughs obtained through the paid sites are almost faked compared to the click throughs obtained from the unpaid sites. Thus helps in getting the business at a maximum rate.

All these reasons help in supporting SEO as the best online marketing medium. However SEO is responsible for getting the business through web marketing but selling the products and the services depends on the designing, details and other issues. So, in order to establish your foothold in the internet marketing be the best in every single thing.

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