Which Is The Most Reliable Web Hosting Service?

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Australian business owners are always on the lookout for reliable website hosting solutions and service providers. When doing so, it is recommended to look for a web host in Australia that can offer excellent page loading speed and 24/7 accessibility.

Now, while all web hosting providers claim to offer the most reliable web hosting services, the underlying truth is that some hosting solutions are more reliable than others. 

Therefore, you must have adequate knowledge about the level of reliability that different hosting solutions offer. In this blog, we will discuss different hosting services’ reliability when looking for web hosting in Australia.

Different Web Hosting Services and the Reliability They Offer

Below are details of some popular web hosting services and their level of reliability. This can help you determine the most reliable web hosting service for your business. 

Self-Managed VPS Hosting Reliability

With self-managed VPS hosting, you get a physical server that can host multiple accounts, with each account having its own secluded environment. 

The web hosting provider uses virtualisation technology to split the physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers is an isolated hosting environment with dedicated resources, IP and filesystem. 

The isolated environment ensures that other users would not share the resources and your accounts’ performance would not be affected by other accounts on the physical server lowering the risk of downtime.   

As an owner of a self-managed VPS account, you are responsible for installing all the software required to run a server and for server maintenance and security. This means that you have the freedom to configure your VPS server to ensure the best security, reliability, and performance. 

Additionally, a self-managed VPS server offers the benefit of excellent uptime and performance, making it a reliable hosting solution. 

Managed VPS Hosting Reliability

With managed VPS hosting, each user gets a virtual server that has a dedicated IP and guaranteed resources. It eliminates the need for technical knowledge or skills to run an account. 

This is because managed VPS hosting providers offer a ready-to-host virtual machine.

It also provides a control panel with a one-click installer tool. This tool helps in the setup of content management systems, ensuring easy downloading, uploading and file editing.

The web hosting provider sets up and maintains the server. This reduces the risk of something going wrong and allows you to focus fully on your project. 

Managed VPS hosting also ensures excellent server security and performance. All these factors make it a reliable web hosting solution.

Shared Hosting Reliability

Shared hosting is considered to be the cheapest hosting solution in comparison to hosting solutions. With shared hosting, you host your account on a shared server.

This means the server space and hosting resources are shared among multiple users. Additionally, with shared hosting, you get a control panel to manage databases, FTP accounts, emails, files, backups and more.

While the shared server environment results in low-priced hosting plans, it also increases the security risks related to your account. Any issues with neighbouring accounts can affect your account’s performance, as multiple accounts share the same server.

This makes shared hosting a comparatively less reliable hosting solution than other hosting solutions if you consider security to be a major factor when looking for web hosting in Australia.

To Wrap It Up

It is safe to say that some hosting services are more reliable than others. For example, VPS hosting or managed hosting services can be considered more reliable due to an isolated hosting environment and around-the-clock expert services, respectively. 

However, the most important factor in ensuring a reliable web hosting service comes down to choosing a trusted hosting provider. 

This is because regardless of how secure or reliable the hosting solution is, if the provider does not do a good job of setting up and configuring server software and hardware, it will result in an unreliable server and a slow website. 

Therefore, make sure you choose the best hosting provider for reliable web hosting.