What is the Difference Between SEM, SEO and Internet Marketing?


I like to keep up to date with all the latest SEO or SEM services within the Uk and read posts from different forums and blogs on a daily basis. However it occurred to me whilst reading today, that the different SEO services or professionals are becoming somewhat blurry. What I mean is that SEO consultants are claiming to be able to offer services more in line with that of a search engine marketer or an internet marketer.

I wanted to take some time to explain the three areas in a traditional sense in an attempt to bring some clarity to an already cloudy industry. This hopefully should help those reading know exactley what SEO services they are receiving and those they are not.

Search engine optimising is traditionally linked with on page factors. A search engine optimiser is concerned with making your web pages as search friendly as possible. This will include fixing broken links and amending orphan pages or faulty redirects. A search engine optimiser should also look at your pages content and ensure the correct tags are been used ie. meta, css, h tags and alt for images. They may even venture into keyword research and ensure the keyword weight of your pages is the most effective.

A search engine marketer is slightly different and is more concerned about off page matters and the primary concern should be with how your site links to the rest of the internet world. They should focus on social bookmarking, article marketing, search engine and directroy submissions. All this in attempt to attract more links and therefore increase your page rank and index ranks.

An internet marketer is more business focused and will explore advertising options, press releaces, PPC systems and paid exposure. They will attempt to build up your business as a brand as well as bumping you up the listings. They should be able to advise you on affiliate programs and email marketing as well as highlighting any other elements of online revenue you could take advantage of.

UK SEO services consist of all the above however there are many firms that only deal partially with the above and because of that your results will not be as profound. Always make sure you know what you are getting from an online marketing package and be very suspicious if the package is surprisingly cheap. Cheap packages usually equal poor quality. All services will be a great investment and it will be up to you to decide what your business needs the most.

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