As a small business owner, I’m always looking for unique ideas to market my business and gain new customers. I’ve gotten lots of fresh ideas from networking groups and these tips are free or cost very little. See what happens when you try out some of these unique ideas!

1) Donate a gift certificate from your business to a school silent auction. The auctions can be found in a search engine under “school silent auction.” They are eager to make some money from your gift and it’s great advertising!

2) Drop business cards into envelopes when you pay your bills or send away for something.

3) Send ” promo packages” to places that may be interested in your business. These packages can include a short letter about your business with a promo item included.

4) Exchange website links with other businesses.

5) Join a business forum on-line. While there, tell a bit about your line of work and promote yourself.

6) Get some exercise while dropping your business postcards on doorsteps in your neighborhood.

7) Sell a gift certificate from your business on ebay. Make sure your website is stated on the description, along with prices of your items/services.

8) Advertise on for free.

9) Barter for items needed to run your business. Need to freshen up your website with new graphics but can’t do it yourself? Locate a local web designer (ask friends or look in the yellow pages) and see if they can do the work in exchange for your business items/services!

10) Market your business to schools/salons/libraries/supermarkets. Ask if you can post a flyer on their corkboards.

Marketing a business takes a lot of time and creative thinking in order to gain new customers! These unique ideas are great to try out if you’re stuck in a marketing rut! You may have heard of some of these ideas before, but maybe there is something new that you can use to drive sales to your business and website!

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