These Are Top-Rated Cities in the South


Visiting the south can be exciting because there’s nowhere else in the country that has such a unique sense of self and such amazing cultural differences that melt and mingle together.  

If you’re itching for a trip to the south but aren’t sure what any of the cities could have in place for you: it’s time to check out these hot spots! 


The smallest city on this list, Charleston, is home to just over 140,000 people.  Best known for its gorgeous architecture, fantastic restaurants and bars, and incredible entertainment, you’ll be excited the moment you get into town!  You’ll love the welcoming spirit the locals extend out, the crispy delicious southern classics, and some of the best spring weather you’ll ever find.  Just make sure if you travel here in the summer that you bring more linen clothing than cotton! 


There’s no tour of the most popular cities in the south without mentioning Nashville!  The beginning point for countless music stars, Nashville is best known for country music and fantastic food.  Living here lets you get to know more about stars like Johnny Cash and visit destinations like the Grand Ole Opry House, which helps you feel a little more in touch with history. 


Whether you fall in love with the affordable Memphis houses for sale, or you’re here for the long and incredible music history: you’ll never find another city quite like this.  Memphis is known for being the home of soul and rock ‘n’ roll, with iconic locations like Sun City studios and Graceland calling it home.  Although it’s a bustling city, it’s surrounded by endless greenery and fantastic outdoor fun that will ensure you don’t spend your whole vacation inside! 


Home to over a million people, Austin is one of the most interesting cities you’ll ever meet in the south.  Best known for its citywide belief that it needs to stay weird and fun, Austin has a huge music scene and some of the wildest museums and entertainment options you’ll find.  If being weird isn’t your deal, you can instead check out the Grand Prix, enjoy the blues and rock scene: and get to meet some of the friendliest locals in any of these cities! 


Atlanta is the heart of the south, from its long history in furthering civil rights to the incredible leaps and bounds it’s made in how movies are filmed in the last twenty years: you’ll fall in love with this southern belle of a city!  Although Atlanta can be expensive, and the traffic can be a little scary if you’re not used to it, living here is a great way to enjoy all of the perks of living in the south while still getting to be in a metropolitan area. 

The South is Always Eager to Show Off!

Whether you’re traveling through on a road trip or you’re trying to pick which area you’ll move to the south makes a great case for itself.  Consider visiting some of these top-rated cities, and get to know the reason they’re so incredibly popular!

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