Social Network Marketing And SEO For Your Website


Google is poised to continue with the tightening of the noose on traditional ranking techniques and signals, and there is now this natural shift to social signals as well as other variables that address the social engagement dimension of the SEO campaign. While organic search marketing has been the lynchpin of the main competencies of SEO practitioners, changes in the social landscape has led to significant changes in the SEO campaign approaches with the appreciation of aspects related to social engagement instead of just focusing on the link building concerns of most webmasters.

Today, so-called SEO experts and Internet marketing gurus are singing the same tune and we now hear them citing in unison the importance of relevant content marketing efforts and social network marketing. This shift has been going on for several years and it is essential that we take note of the major phases of this big shift in order to appreciate the true value and importance of social networking sites as well as the overall picture of the fusion of social media and SEO.

Role of Social Media in Website SEO

Social media sites are now considered important pillars of our campaign to improve the ranking of Websites and ensure long term success on your Internet marketing efforts. We have to note that everyone who knows how to surf the Web is likely to have a strong presence in several social media sites.

Looking at the prevailing condition of social media, it is not hard to conclude that Internet-based marketing efforts will invariably have to take into account the current trends and developments in social media sites. Easily, a solid presence in social media sites can increase the number of relevant and high-value hits to your Website. And because of the popularity of social networking sites, social marketing is now an indispensable element of the overall SEO effort of companies and professionals.

Important Social Media Sites

So, where do you start sowing the seeds of your social media program? Obviously, you have to start with the popular social networking sites, and those that easily come to mind include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Twitter – This is a popular social engagement platform for individuals and advertisers. This micro-blogging service is a perfect tool for those who want to initiate real-time engagements with their target clients.

Facebook – With over 750 million followers, Facebook is undoubtedly a favorite “playground” of Internet marketers and webmasters. Because of its massive reach, professionals and companies will enjoy a lot of opportunities in developing a dedicated link to their customers and potential markets.

YouTube – Internet marketers and webmasters can use a well-executed video material as an effective marketing tool. With the appropriate title and content, your YouTube video upload can have a significant viral impact for your Website and brand.

Other important social media sites that you have to consider in your Internet marketing effort include MySpace, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon.

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