Seller’s Permits For Texas Businesses

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Every business operation in Texas needs a permit so that it can be authorized by the government as a legal business. The Texas franchise you need to get is known as a sale and use tax permit. If you are a business holder who leases tangible property within the state, you have to have this permit to be allowed to operate. In Texas digital goods are the ones that mostly need a permit because in this state such merchandise needs to be taxed. In case you sell digital goods or tangible goods make sure you have a Texas seller permit first before you open up your business. In this article we will talk about how to register yourself and business holders who need a Texas permit more. 

Who requires a Texas seller permit? 

As a business holder operating in Texas, you need to be conversant with the laws that govern the country so that you can know if you need a seller permit or not. The best place to visit would be the Texas comptroller website as it will give you an overview of everything you need to know. Some of the things the state looks at before it determines your eligibility to hold a seller permit include the following; 

  • Does your business have a physical spot to hoard merchandise like a storehouse or a sales room in the state. 
  • Do you have a deals emissary who is within the state 
  • Whether you acquire lease remuneration from properties within the state. 
  • Whether you publicize any events. 
  • Whether you do business within the state. 

What to do when you acquire your sells permit 

Once you have been handed your Texas sellers permit, the next for you to display your permit somewhere that can be seen easily. You also need to collect deal taxes on taxable deals. Moreover, ensure you look into the amount needed to be taxed from every deal and ensure you pay the taxes at the needed time. 

How to apply for a Texas seller’s permit 

In Texas there are two ways you can apply for a permit, either online or via your email. We are going to touch on both of them so that you can choose the one that fits your preference. 

  1. Online registration 

If you choose to apply for a permit online, visit the website and select the sales tax permit application link. When you do this, you will be given an option of applying as a new permit holder and it will ask for some of your details. 

  1. Registration via mail

Using mail is the easiest method, you have to download the application form and submit it via mail. When printing ensure your document is under the format AP-201. 


As a business holder having a permit is very important and in Texas the law requires you to have a sellers permit when you are selling various products. We have given you an overview of why a permit is needed in Texas and why you should get it. 

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