Promoting Your Online Business With Article Marketing


In this modern age, promoting your business online is becoming quite interesting and exciting by the day.

But, you will agree with me that aspiring online business owners must first know what it takes to do this in the first place.

There are many ways of creating public awareness for your business.

Placing advert in newspapers, magazines or online news portals, as well as joining forums are some of the ways of creating public awareness and attracting people to your site.

But, advert placement is expensive and does not guarantee quick returns on your efforts.

People who place adverts in newspapers are seen as marketers, not necessarily experts. They are trying to sell their products or services.

They may have little or no knowledge about the product or service they are advertising.

So, how do you promote your online business? Writing articles that will tell people who visit your site what you have to offer is one sure way of promoting your online business. It is cheap and economical with a global reach.

However, the angle here is that whatever article you write to draw people to your site must add value to them, solve their problems, give insights into existing problems, or impart knowledge.

Good writers know that it takes persistence, patience and focus to craft a good article that will fly. But, the gains will come if you deliver value added articles.

More and more people will keep visiting your site. It adds value to the lives of your visitors and improves the ranking of your site on the various search engines.

Experienced online business owners know that writing or hiring a ghost writer to craft fantastic articles that will solve a problem for the people is the first major step towards making money, online.

But, it is not going to be a quick fixed thing as business, online and offline has an incubation period.

After writing the articles on your products or services and getting them posted on your site, the job is not yet completed.

These articles should be linked to the various social media platforms that you have subscribed to. You know these platforms.

I am not writing this inside a lecture room in Lagos, south-west Nigeria. But, you know that if your articles are linked to your social media platforms, friends, professional colleagues, business partners, etc, will get to read your articles.

Based on this, they will decide whether or not to continue visiting your site, or even initiate a business deal with you. These are some of the steps you must take in order to make money online.

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