Maximizing Search Engine Marketing by Combining SEO and PPC


Combining PPC and SEO together should enable you to maximize your Search Engine Marketing strategy and achieve the best of results. Running them both should also make it possible for you to receive insight from one tactics to be used in the other. One way is to look at it is your PPC as your hard-core immediate sales tactic and your SEO as your long-term Marketing strategy. Just as Sales and Marketing go together, SEO and PPC should be used together to achieve the most out of your online presence.

The best Search Engine Marketing strategy is to combine SEO with PPC. There are factors that will dictate a preference of SEO over PPC and others that will make more sense to prefer Pay per Click of Search Engine Optimization. However, there are multiple advantages for using both tactics together in order to use synergy to maximize the results.

Combining both SEO and PPC together will give you the best of both worlds and increases your chances for having a truly successful Search Engine Marketing campaign. However, getting success with Search Engine Optimization is crucial for success in the long run – where it matters.

Two examples to illustrate the synergy of SEO and PPC:

1. Learning which keywords are working best in your AdWords campaign(s) should be used to optimize those same keywords for the organic lists. Similar to that, constructing best performing landing pages for your PPC will turn them into best performing landing pages for your SEO efforts as well.

2. A web page that was properly optimized as part of your SEO plan will help to take your Quality Score on Google AdWords up which will result in reducing you PPC costs and improve the overall campaign’s performance.

You should give preference to SEO over PPC when the following considerations are valid (give preference, don’t give up on PPC):

– You have a brand new website

– Budget is more important than time

– You are changing, deleting or adding a big portion of pages from you site

– Your site content is not rich enough

– Your website is lacking proper conversion (=persuasion) architecture

Pay per Click should be preferred over SEO when the following considerations are valid (again, SEO is a must so don’t use only PPC):

– Your time is more important than money

– You wish to receive traffic from multiple keywords but your site is optimized only for few ones

– You don’t have good enough ranking on the organic search results

– You understand the importance of testing your marketing

As the organic search results are responsible to 70% of the clicks and PPC ads for the remaining 30%, you may wish to combine PPC with SEO to achieve true dominance online. Remember: when using your SEO as your Marketing, Pay per Click should be used as your Sales. This is your road to success with Search Engine Marketing.

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