List of Small Business Ideas – Social Media & Social Networking Are the Keys


If you are thinking of starting a small business or expanding the one you already have you should seriously consider gaining exposure for your business and products just like the big boys do–advertise! But you can do it on a massive scale now for free! Nearly every business has an online presence these days but few of them know how to drive traffic to their sites. Instead, they rely on luck, chance or some other kind of wishful thinking that new customers will find them even if no one knows that they exist outside of their local areas.

Driving traffic to a website simply means that you advertise in such a way that people will know how to find you. The internet is a vast and crowded highway with millions of people coming on and off the exit ramps every minute. The potential customers are out there but it is your job to let them know what you are offering. Television commercials blanket the airways and gain massive exposure for their products. This form of advertising obviously works but who has millions of dollars to spend on that kind of promotion? There is an answer for the small businessman or woman, however. You must educate yourself on the ways of social media and online social networking techniques. It isn’t hard–it just takes some time.

There are all kinds of lists for small business ideas on the web. Many of them are valid but even the best ideas will come up stillborn without a social media advertising campaign. YouTube, ezine article marketing, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are some of the ways you can promote your business. These should be high on your small business list of ideas.

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