How to Increase Web Traffic Using SEO, Email Marketing and Video Marketing

How to Increase Web Traffic Using SEO, Email Marketing and Video Marketing

SEO Content

The best way to start your website out in the right direction is to have content that is optimized for better exposure. Keywords and the placement of keywords are important for any website. If your niche is planning a fitness routine, then you need to research the keyword for fitness routine. This can be done by using Wordtracker or Google keyword analysis. Once you find some secondary keywords to add to your articles, you will want to place them in the article for the search engines to notice when they crawl your website.

Email Campaigns

Once your website is up and running with the proper SEO optimization, you can start an email campaign. If you do not have an email opt in form anywhere, you can rent an email list form reputable companies. This type of campaign is not spam as long as the people whose email addresses you have consent to receiving emails. You will want to set up an email address just for this type of campaign. Then start sending out your emails and see if your traffic stats increase. When you need to increase web traffic, this is one way that could help.

Video Marketing

Make a few video’s that advertise your service or product in a personal way and not so much as a commercial way. You want people to watch the video in its entirely without losing interest. It is important that you post the videos to more than one or two video sharing sites. You need to have a great deal of exposure for video marketing to work.

These are just a few ideas to increase web traffic. There are other ways that take a little more time. You could comment on discussions at forums or visit other blogs or websites and comment where you can leave your links. Once you start seeing the traffic coming to your website, you can decide which marketing plan is working the best.

You may have to adjust your marketing campaigns to increase traffic. If one area of marketing seems to work better, then you will want to concentrate on that area more. Either way, SEO optimization is always needed when you build a website. Without keywords with proper placement, the search engine spiders will not be able to find your information and index your website. Marketing your website is the only way to increase web traffic and benefit from you site.

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