Essential SEO and Online Marketing Tips


The following SEO and marketing tips will help enhance user experience subsequently boosting your conversions. These tips are mandatory if you want to succeed with your online business, hence should be taken very seriously.

We all have heard it a million and one times before, content is king, and will always be king till the end of time. Create informative, engaging, interesting, and high quality content with both the search engines and the target audience in mind. Ensure the content is well customized for the targeted keywords in which you are optimizing the website for. Informative and engaging content builds customer confidence in your website and also on the professionalism of the business itself. Ensure content is updated on a regular basis as not only will your visitors find updated information informative and useful, the search engines too will love it.

Link building and Page Rank
The quality of your website’s linking system will make all the difference in the world when it comes to the page rank assigned to your website as it will measure the quality of your site against those of your competitors when assigning search engine rankings. Thus, you should ensure there is a quality and well integrated internal linking system that will link all pages to each other. Use your main keywords as the anchor text on the links, ensure you have an easy and user-friendly navigation within the website lest your website visitors ‘get lost’ when in your website and finally log off never to return again.

You should also take external linking very seriously and ensure it is an ongoing process so that your website remains top on the search engine rankings. As tempting as it could be to take whatever link that comes your way, it is always wise to choose who links to your website and vice versa. Always go for quality and not quantity when it comes to external links, ensuring you get most links form website with better rankings.

Online Profile
Take advantage of resources available online to build a professional online profile that will augment your SEO and internet marketing efforts. Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Google Places are few of the common free resources available online which you can utilize. Ensure you complete the profile as comprehensively as possible, adding images of you or some of the products on offer, or at least a logo of your company. Once you complete your profile, you can always invite clients who have had success dealing with you to post reviews about their experience. Needless to mention, potential clients love to see comments and experiences of people who have been there before.

While there are many other aspects that can be applied for a successful online marketing and SEO campaign, ensuring these three are done correctly will give your website a very strong basis on which to kick start a successful online campaign.

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